Friday, April 24, 2009

Picnic in the park

Last week, LA was hit with a heat wave. We decided to get Casey out of the house and to the local park for a picnic. We packed sandwiches us and a bottle for Casey. Perfect weather, lots of people and activity in the park.

I kissed Casey.
I fed Casey.
I burped Casey.
Casey ended the picnic. Alright, this is killing me, I gotta know. He didnt get this by riding a bicycle in the rain/mud without fenders. So, that leaves a couple of explainations. Short of getting a welders face shield and standing behind him during one of these episodes, I figure the best way to solve this mystery is to ask other experienced parents. What causes this?...
Is it reflection? As in, his nozzle is pointed in a certain direction (downward, as this is fixed, not variable) and the output gets reflected by a supposedly absorptive material (ie: diaper) and redirected in an upward direction?
Or... is it like the ketchup packet scenario... Like when you step on a ketchup packet on the ground, and the contents go shooting out the other direction...

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  1. OMG! That cracks me up! I hated those damn explosions too! A few more months and it will settle down a bit (well harden up you could say!)