Friday, June 19, 2009

Big Boy Bath

Casey has started getting his baths in the full size tub. He seems to like it, his favorite part is splashing daddy. He has figured out how to splash water by kicking his legs in the water. He has nailed me pretty good a few times. I cant wait to teach him to make bubbles in the bath... Ah, its the simple things in life...
More recent developments include rolling over, ( see last post). However, he hasnt figured out how to get from his stomach to his back. So, right now, its a one way deal. He can roll from back to stomach... he hangs out in the new position for awhile, head held high...., then he's over it, and cries until we rescue him and roll him back...
We managed to capture a few precious moments on the camera. Check em out...

"Huh? How did I just do that?"

Head held high!
Slobber! Gravity works; when I get in this position, my slobber drips down.
Hi, I'm Albert Xue Xian Einstein
Portrait after big boy bath.


  1. He is so cute!! Look at that hair!

  2. LOL!! I refuse to show these pictures to Brennan as he would be so jealous of his hair!! LOL