Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Common Theme

Here are some photos from the past weekend. See if you can figure out a common theme.. I'll give you a hint; the theme I'm thinking ISNT slobber. But, Casey does have some talent in that area. Check out the photo where he is controlling a column of slobber that reaching his belly. I know, 'cause I was directly underneath him!

So, did you get the theme? Father's Day! Happy Father's Day Ye-Ye. I hope you enjoyed your son and grandson visiting for the weekend!


  1. You should send the top pic to a magazine or something!! Seriously!

  2. Chinese Gerber Baby

  3. What great pictures!! I hope you enjoyed your Father's Day as well, since it was your first!! He looks just like you. I would definitely frame some of those pictures, they are really good!