Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Between 4 and 6 months is the standard time most infants start eating solids. Usually this means Rice cereal then gradually introducing pureed vegetables and fruits. Well, Tia Natal had other ideas.

On our last two visits to Avo and Avao's house Tia Natal decided to introduce Casey to some of the sweeter things in life...chocolate and ice cream. Now, I didn't see Casey try his first, small, piece of chocolate but I knew something was up when I came into the room and both Tia Natal and Avao were giggling up a storm. According to my sister and mom Casey repeatedly and rapidly pushed his tongue in and out of his mouth...a sign that he really liked the chocolate!

On another visit Tia Natal fed Casey some chocolate syrup and ice cream. This time I caught it all on video. Tia Natal tried to wipe away the evidence but the chocolate stains on his onesie are lasting proof of her corruption attempts.

At one point I tried to get Casey's attention but he only had eyes for the spoon holding his second serving.

Looks like Casey's a chocolate lover like mommy!

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