Monday, September 7, 2009


My poor little Casey is now teething. As a result, he soothes himself by sucking on things... Lots of things, anything... Seriously, we have bought him 'chew toys'.. I know his nickname is 'Pup Jr.', but chew toys? Whats next, a flea collar?

Casey sucking his thumb. This occurs often, especially in between mouthfuls of food. The pattern usually goes, spoonful of 'solids', thumb... spoonful of 'solids', thumb. Repeat.
Forget the thumb, Casey got ahold of Mommy's chin.
Casey gettin practice for a "Coyote Ugly" girl. You know, 'Do I wake her up, or do I chew an arm off and bail....'
Casey sucking on Daddy's finger. I hope that finger is clean...

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