Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thinkin' it through

Today, curious Casey figured out how to use the couch to pull himself up to a standing position. He has been studying this task for a few days now; conditioning his fingers to gather the strength to pull himself up... calculating the friction coefficients of the couch upholstry, determining the best angle to pull up from. Today, the calculations were done, and the testing began. He had success! But he didnt really think the whole thing through. Once he was upright, how was he supposed to get back down?.. I mean, standing up is cool and all, but he cant sustain that position forever. Luckily, Daddy witnessed this whole sequence, and rescued him, before he fell from a standing position. Oh crap, as I type, he is attempting this 'standup' manuver via the stereo speaker.. Gotta go..


  1. Like I thought...Casey would be doing something exciting and new!! So cute:)

  2. Ha, Phil, you got beaten by my grandson! I don't think you can stand up at 7 months old. Well, may be I am a little bias. Mom