Friday, March 5, 2010


Regardless of what I think about Kobe Bryant (selfish, cry-baby, whiner, etc) I have to admit he is one of basketballs all-time greats. He also leads the league in jersey sales. So, it would be appropriate to salute him with one finger (my middle one)... anyhow, as I was saying, his jersey is #1 in sales worldwide, and his team, the LA Lakers are #1 in overall team jersey sales too.
Recently, Uncle Ed gave little Casey his first basketball jersey for his 1st birthday! Here are photos of him strutting his stuff in his brand new Kobe jersey! When I see these photos, I too chant "MVP, MVP, MVP"

I'd say he likes his gift!

He's even got a strut like a pro basketball player. Tongue out, sweat soaked jersey... Ok, so it was slobber... details...
No baby, that was Michael Jordan who stuck out his tongue...

This is a view many defenders get just after Kobe blows by them on the way to the hoop.

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