Monday, March 22, 2010

Daddy and His Sidekick

Casey and his Daddy love to play together and I love watching or just hearing them together. Casey loves playing chase with Daddy. He will run back and forth across the living room smiling and giggling as Daddy crawls on all fours behind him. Sometimes Casey gets Daddy spinning in circles like a dog chasing his own tail. Yeah, he's got Daddy wrapped around his little finger!  Casey will laugh when Daddy catches him and tickles, hugs, and kisses him.  It's sooo cute to watch. Another game Casey plays is drums on Daddy's head.  As Daddy lays on the floor with his head down Casey will drum on Daddy's head and play with his hair.  Then he'll try to lift Daddy's heavy head to see his face.  Daddy will assist Casey and lift his head to meet Casey's gaze and of course give Casey a funny face or sound for his efforts. If he tires of playing with Daddy's head he will just climb all over Daddy.  He is VERY into climbing anything and everything.

Yet, another game they share together is playing Pinball.  Casey stands on the ottoman next to the pinball machine and watches in awe all the lights, balls, and sounds as Daddy attempts to rack up as many points as possible. It's cute to watch Casey pound on the glass or bounce up and down in excitement. Someday Casey will have the top score on that machine.

Casey loves his books and will come up to us with a book, sit in our lap or next to us, so we can read him a story.  He prefers rhyming stories or just picture books where mommy and daddy can improvise.  Daddy has his own unique way of improvising. An example I have shared with other mom's is Daddy's way of sharing the "Baby's Home" book.  The first picture is of a baby standing next to a potty chair with the word "Potty".  Daddy's version "Potty where you take a CRAP!" Yes, I see it now, Casey in preschool..."teacher I need to take a CRAP."

They also love going out for a jog together in the jogging stroller or just taking a walk to the mailbox.  Sometimes I can hear them "chatting" or laughing together outside. It always brings a smile to my face and my heart!

I LOVE my boys!!!

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  1. That's so sweet Virginia:) I know what you mean! Being the girl in a house of boys is the best!