Monday, March 22, 2010

Why are YOU crying?

Here is something I don't understand. Just about everytime I change Casey's diaper, he starts crying. Lets talk about this. I have seen online videos of dads: in surgical gowns and masks, in Haz-mat suits and in respirators as they attempt to change a stinky diaper. As for me, I just go for it. If I happen to catch a whiff of some stench, so be it. I look at it as a grab-bag of surprises... Colors, textures, amounts, splatter pattern, each time its all different. Who knows what awaits when I un-velcro the diaper. At risk of jinx-ing myself, I will say.. its not so bad. Not that I have anything to compare it to. In my lifetime, I have changed the diapers of exactly ONE person.... Casey. So, I have no clue what other babies emit. But, to date, I havent had any eye-burning or vomit inducing efforts to clean up. If my eyes dont water, why would Casey's? Why would HE cry?? Someone else is cleaning up his S**&^... He might not know it yet, but that doesnt last forever. At some point, the free ride is over, and he will have to clean his own mess. I could understand if the person cleaning (the cleaner) is tempted to cry, but there is no reason for the person being cleaned (the cleanee) to cry... Its a win-win for the cleanee. He doesnt have to do the dirty work, he gets a fresh diaper, his privates all cleaned up and he no longer has to squish around in a puddle/ pile of poop. Why cry???

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