Sunday, July 31, 2011

Look What I Found

A recent conversation between mommy and Casey.

C: Mommy truck in there
Me: There's a truck in there?
C: Yeah!
Me: Where?
C: Up there
Me: What color is it?
C: Black
Me: (laughing) I guess mommy didn't do a good job of hiding it.
Me: I gave him the big black truck with all the little cars in it that he got for his birthday

C: Mommy, there's cars in it!!!
C:  Mommy, want that truck in it!
C: Open it!

The truck he found was a big rig truck that carries little Hotwheels size cars. He got the truck for his birthday but due to living space limitations we thought we would put it away for a while and give it to him later.  He had other ideas when he found it in the storage room off the garage.

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