Saturday, July 9, 2011

Road Trip

Look out, the Wang boys are road-trippin'. Casey and Daddy are taking a long weekend trip down the coast to San Diego. Sydney is being left behind, and subjected to horrible CIA interrogation techniques/torture... More on that on HIS personal blog.

Friday night, Casey and Daddy took off and Casey asked for "Thomas Choo-choo movie in mini-van car". Accordingly, I put a Thomas the Train movie into the rear entertainment system in the minivan. Turns out, he hardly watched the movie; we were too busy conversing. The main topic of conversation was vehicles... you know, busses, trucks, etc. We (and by we, I mean Casey) were naming virtually every type of vehicle "we" saw. Fire truck, fuel truck, mail truck, big truck, Jeep, police car. Then we discussed what each vehicle says... "What does the fire truck say?" "Whoo-whoo". "What does the police car say?" "Whoo-whoo". "What does the train say?" "Choo-choo". "What does the big truck say?".... long pause... "Beep-beep!" At some point, (well into San Diego county), he realized Thomas choo-choo movie was over. So he asked for Bob the Builder. We got to SD past 10 PM, he was so excited to see Nai-Nai and Ye-Ye. They got him sufficiently riled up, then said, "OK, bedtime"... Casey and I shared my old childhood bedroom, and we both fell asleep rather quickly.

Speaking of quickly, 6:30AM Saturday came awfully quickly too. That's when Casey woke me up, repeatedly saying, "Nai-Nai". After about the 50th time repeating that at increasingly high volumes, Nai-Nai came out to play. We took Casey to the 'big park', which he remembered from his previous visit. He ran and climbed and ran some more. After a quick stop home, and a shower, we went to Soup-Plantation for lunch. Here, Casey loaded up on Mac & Cheese... Until he saw me eating a muffin. He looked and pointed and said, "Cupcake!" So, I got him one. Which he gnawed on... until Nai-Nai brought him an ice cream cone. At that point, Casey dropped that 'cupcake' like a bad habit, and attacked the ice cream cone.

After lunch was nap time. After a three hour nap, we went on an 'adventure' to Fry's. In the evening, I asked Casey if he wanted to go for a walk. He said, "Yeah, Nai-Nai and Ye-Ye come too." So we had a family outing to the local mall, and walked around. More like Casey ran around, and Nai-Nai chased him.

Back home, we did the normal bed time routine, and Casey went down without much fight. What does tomorrow have in store for us?

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  1. Hi,we had a great weekend! Nai Nai enjoyed playing with you a lot. I just hope the sleep training thing was not too painful for poor little Sidney and your mom. Nai Nai