Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fast Food Nation

Last week, Casey achieved another milestone of sorts. While some of his cousins were visiting, we had a family dinner consisting solely of In & Out Burger. It was a pretty simple menu... Burgers and Fries. Obviously, everyone had their own burgers, each done with individual condiments. Casey was no exception. We set a burger in front of him, cut in into four smaller pieces. After that, we didn't pay much attention, but at some point, we looked at his plate... and there wasn't much burger left. So, naturally, we bribed him with some fries. "Eat some burger, and we'll give you a few fries" It must have worked, because Casey ate a whole burger, by himself!

I don't imagine this feat set some kind of record. After all, this is America, and I see families with young children who appear to ONLY eat fast food.. constantly... But, for a 2 yr, 5 month old kid with low to average body fat, I find this feat rather impressive.

Now lets see how old he is when he chows his first Double-double.

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