Saturday, July 30, 2011

Piston The Van

Today we went on an adventure. Loaded up the minivan and drove east to visit multiple friends. We met some for lunch, and Casey and Sydney did real well. Over the course of the lunch, Casey managed soak his pants. Not sure how, either spilling water on himself, or overflowing his diaper. In either case, Mommy took him to the back of the minivan and stripped his wet diaper off... And Casey took the opportunity to relieve himself... in the back of the minivan! Mommy saw the flow, and yelled 'Stop'... I guess Casey is getting close to potty training, because he had the control to pinch off the spigot mid-stream. Buck naked, Mommy stood him in the restaurant parking lot... where Casey had the control to turn the spigot back on... full blast. Yup, he peed right there in the parking lot. I'm not talking a few drops, no, he soaked the asphalt.

Here is naked Casey being lifted back into the vehicle, note the wet asphalt... This photo really doesnt do the volume justice, as Mommy's skirt is blocking most of the stained asphalt.

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