Friday, February 6, 2009

1st night at home

Well, its 6:45am friday morning. Casey and mom (pup) came home from the hospital yesterday. (thurs). They were released at about 11am, it was about noon when we got home and settled.
One of the first things I did was goto the CHP to get the child carseat installation checked. Good thing I did, since the officer told me we have it all wrong. Turns out, since the Volvo has 'comfort feature, inertial locking-system 3 point harness' as the rear center belt, I need a locking clip for the car seat. So, I have to get one of those, and make another appointment. (The appointments run about 2-3 weeks out at this time).
The afternoon went pretty smoothly. Dad watched Casey while Mom took a well deserved shower. Then Mom knocked out and caught up on some sleep, while Dad put Casey to bed, all swaddled up in his bassinet. He slept so peacefully next to my feet as I worked on the computer.
In the evening, father and son watched the basketball game on TV. Ok, father watched the game, son slept.
The first night at home went relatively smoothly. (At least from dad's perspective; we'll see what mommy as to say when she posts her POV) Dad went to bed around 10pm, while mommy was giving Casey his 'last feeding of the day'. I put that in quotes, because I am realizing that this is a 24-hr job; the days and nights run togther and morph into the next one without a clear delination. Shortly thereafter, Mom and Casey came in the room and got some sleep. Evidently, the two of them were up approx. every 2 hours, feeding. No need for an alarm, Casey took care of that for us. During some intervals, he was more tired than hungry, he slept a little longer than 2 hrs; other times hunger won, and he was awake, politely asking for food. All in all, a great first day and night home. LETS HOPE IT STAYS THIS WAY!

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  1. It looks like a bunch of VW dealers have safety seat inspectors too. Check it out.