Sunday, February 8, 2009


Happy Sunday morning to all. These two photos were taken this morning. They both fell asleep on the couch after another frustrating breastfeeding session. I labeled this post 'misleading' because in the photos, both pup and PJ looks so relaxed and content. Yeah, not so much. They have had a hard time getting this breastfeeding thing down. If any of you can offer suggestions, support, advice, or even a shoulder for mom to cry on, or an ear for her to vent into, I think she and PJ would both REALLY appreciate it. If any of you want to contact them thru my email address, I'll be sure to forward it to mom. Alternatively, you can post comments below. Thanks in advance.

-Concerned and helpless dad


  1. They DO look content-sorry they aren't!:(
    Tell Virginia to hang in there-I swear by pumping first...maybe it would work for her too?!

  2. hi Big V.
    well, hang in there and everything will work out. Does your hospital offers some kind of breastfeeding help? sometimes they have nurses that can help position the baby in different ways.

  3. It is pretty tough that first week or so. As both mom and baby are trying to figure it out. We went to the hospital lactation consultant every other day (Alex was underweight too) for the first week and a half. Hang in there. We did have to supplement with formula for a couple of weeks.