Monday, February 9, 2009


So, last night was the first time for us to give Casey a bath. Previously, he was given one by the nurses at the hospital. So we get the portable bathtub ready, with a towel inside it, 2 small towels, one for soapy water, and one for pure water. We get a bottle of baby soap, and a bottle of baby shampoo. Oh yeah, and we get the special little ducky.. This guy is supposed to float on the water, and tell us if the water is too hot. What I was dying to know is exactly how this guy was going to alert me that the water was too hot. SO, I intentionally used straight hot water, waiting for the duck to quack, "OUCH, you burned my &$$". Alas, he does no such thing, there is merely a heat sensor on his bottom which changes color depending on water temperature. Now that the water temperature issue is settled, we begin the bath.. Did I mention that while daddy is running his ducky burning experiment, PJ is screaming and crying? Dude was butt naked in his tub just waiting... So, I guess I cant blame him too much. Anyway, we decide to tag team him, Pup holding him and PSW dabbing and washing. I'm trying to get in all the folds, creases and bends, all the while trying to remember all the rules... No soap on the face, no water in the ears, dont get the belly button wet... Man, this is a lot of constraints. I was by no means graceful, but we got him clean. Then, I was in charge of drying. I had a plan.. I was going to dry his body first, so I could put some clothes on him and get him warm while I dried and fixed his hair. This didnt go exactly as planned. By the time I got around to the hair, it was pretty much dried... and standing straight up, shooting out in all directions.. Think of a Portugese- Chinese Don King... I promptly got his little comb and... it didnt make a bit of difference... Below is a photo of his new hairdo...


  1. Ahh... too cute!! It suits him!

  2. OMG! It is perfect in my opinion;)That is a typical 1st time bath for a newborn as well!!

  3. Great hairdo! A real splitting image of Don King. I remember washing my girls, same slippery boogers except that they have more folds to wash out.