Monday, February 16, 2009


First, I want to thank everyone who has shared their advice, encouragement, and stories of similar experiences. Knowing I wasn't alone in my struggle really helped keep me going when things got tough. A special Thank You to my husband for posting a call for help, looking for advice and assistance from everyone he spoke with, giving me his shoulder to cry on, and just supporting me when I needed it most!!!

Breastfeeding is a great experience....when it's done right....without all the cracking, tearing, burning, pulling, and all around pain!

Thanks to advice from many of you out there, a lactation consultant, and the information from the classes I took during pregnancy, PJ and I have finally been able to get to a point where most of the time we latch on correctly the first time. The correct latch and unlatch is key!!

Once we identified what I was doing wrong, how to get my nipples to heal (almost completely healed now), and how to latch and unlatch correctly breastfeeding life started to get a little more bearable. Now one of the biggest challenges is dealing with the lack of sleep.

Thank you all for your support!!!


  1. Virginia-I'm glad it is easier for you now!!!! ;)
    Soon enough you will master the nursing in public with a blanket over your shoulder and no one will even know!! Seriously!

  2. How great!! I had a hard time with Jeremy too... but he had other issues, which I expect this one will be quicker to go onto formula. But it sounds like you guys are getting the hang of this parenthood thing!