Sunday, February 22, 2009

Road trip

Casey just had his first roadtrip. He went to San Diego to visit Nai-Nai and Ye-Ye. Our departure time from LA was timed around his feeding/nap schedule. We ended up leaving LA around 10pm. We got Casey all strapped into his newborn carseat, packed all his stuff and started driving, just hoping he would sleep during the car ride. Anytime the car was in motion, he was happy and more importantly quiet. BUT, anytime we stopped at a red light, he would fuss. Impatient little guy. Hmm, like father, like son! As soon as we hit the 405 freeway, he slept... All the way to SD. Then, about 5-10 minutes from our destination, Casey got hungry and woke up. He cried and cried until we reached out destination and he was able to eat.

Casey met KC for the first time! In some ways, those two are a lot alike too. They both spent a good portion of the day taking naps. Like grandfather, like grandson! Below are a couple of photos of Nai-Nai, Ye-Ye and PJ...

The trip home was again timed to coincide with Casey's naptime. We launched from SD about 8PM. This time, he only made it about 1 hr before he started crying and crying. We werent going to make it back home, so we sought other options. 'Hey, cousin Andy lives a few exits away, lets stop there to feed him.' So, we took a detour and introduced Casey to Uncle Andy and Auntie Angela. Casey said, 'thanks guys, I was HUNGRY!' Now, with a happy, and more importantly, quiet baby, we finally drove home. It only took 4 hrs to get from SD to LA. I guess this is life with a newborn.


  1. If that ever happens again and you are only 1/2 hour up the road, you can stop by our house!!

  2. Hey, Casey, how did you like grandma's house? We are looking forward to your next visit.
    Ye Ye and Nai Nai