Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Family Time

Its been a whirlwind few days for little Casey. He is in the process of meeting lots of family members. Tio Angelo and Tia Ana brought lots of Casey's cousins (primos) to meet him. Ashley, Chelsea, Samuel and Elias all greeted little Casey with open arms. In fact, they couldnt get enough. Two days later, they made the 2 hr. trek back here, this time towing Grandma (Avao) and Grandpa (Avo) Rocha with them. Tomorrow Grandma (Nai-Nai) is coming up from San Diego. We'll have to give Casey the test, and see if he can repeat everyone's name. Good luck with that son, Daddy still has a hard time with that anytime he meets multiple people. Pix to follow soon.

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