Sunday, February 15, 2009


Woo Hoo. Its Sunday. That means Sunday brunch, NFL football, beach volleyball (for those of us in Southern California) or maybe tranquil afternoon naps... Yeah, not so much. This Sunday in the Wang house, it was Bathtime!
We are starting to learn; right now, its still a tag-team effort, with Mom and Dad both working on this project simultanously. We dialed in the water-temp sensing Ducky, filled the baby bathtub with appropriately temp-ed water, stripped little Casey naked and put him in the bath.... And he wailed.

But, once we got some warm water on his body, his expression changed. Below, he seems a little confused, but not uncomfortable. "Yo, what's up with that camera, can I have a little privacy please?"

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  1. Are you tired of me saying how cute your kid is?? LOL

    Adorable picture!!