Saturday, February 7, 2009


OK, you know how sometimes you go to write and you dont know where to start? Yeah, well this aint one of those times. As it was happening, I knew I was going to write about it. So, PSW and PJ are spending some quality time together. We are doing 'tummy time', where you put babies on the tummies. I am told this helps them develop neck muscles etc.

After tummy time, we engage in another recommended activity... Skin on skin. This is where the parent takes their shirt off and the baby is naked... EXCEPT for a diaper. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. This is actually quite an enjoyable experience, PJ's skin is so soft and warm. We are just relaxing, his eyes getting heavy when he gets the hiccups. How cute. His whole little body shakes each time one comes. Then the little guy gets some gas. For a rookie like me, this takes a little getting used to. I'm just not used to having something fart on me and not moving away. But, the little guy just keeps ripping em. I can't blame the guy, I mean we've all been there, it does feel good. Just as I'm getting over the fact that I'm being farted on, I hear this other noise. PFFFFT... Ya know, I don't even know how to describe it, maybe someday I'll record it and attach it as a .WMV file. Anyways, it takes me about a second to realize, "That aint farts". It was... wet. Slowly, I'm getting an idea of whats going on, so I look up at his cute, innocent face... and he is a picture of concentration... He's grunting one out! Face is turning red, eyes squinted, muscles flexed. PFFFFT, there it goes again.. Thar she blows.. Thank god for that diaper, I'm just praying that it holds the torrent in and I dont get gushed on. At this point my inclination is to hop up and change that diaper..
Meanwhile Pup, is about 3 feet away, comfortable in the fact that she isnt in the spray-zone. Cracking up laughing, she manages to say, "You might want to wait awhile". I'm thinking WTF would I want to wait for, I want to get this smelly, watery, bubbling shart/poop/gas/liquid cleaned up ASAP. Pup says, "He might not be done"... REALLY? Hmm, that's cool, Dad is now approximating a piece of Charmin. I'll spare you the details of the toxic abatement and cleanup. Below is a photo of "skin-on-skin" BEFORE the eruption.


  1. OMG! I am seriously smiling as I read this-you are good at this blog stuff..and what you are describing we called "explosions"! The diaper won't hold them all me!!! You will go thru many onesies at this stage.

  2. Philly
    Sweet post. Think you guys are going to be good.

  3. I'm thinking fatherhood really suits you!

  4. LOL... this is hilarious! Welcome to fatherhood dad! This won't be the last explosion.. :) Good luck with those!

  5. PFFFT... Apples don't fall far from the trees.

  6. Phil:
    I know you are new at this but i think the breastfeeding thing works best if you let Virginia do it. You won't get much out of your manboobs.

    All joking aside, Allison says that a place called Bright Beginnings & Beyond in RB is the place for feeding consultations.